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New, gently used & out-of-print books for readers of all ages.

January Artist of the Month
This month, Inkberry Books is delighted to feature the art of Maria Rudolph.
Artist profile: Maria Rudolph

Maria Rudolph Bio I was first bitten by the photography bug in high school, when I was lucky enough to be gifted a Nikon camera, a patient teacher, and a fantastic darkroom. My first job as a "Professional Photographer" came shortly thereafter when I was nineteen, working for a Southern California Photo Studio. I then attended the American Film Institute as a Cinematography Fellow, but, after working in film for a few years and realizing the equipment was bigger than I was, I headed into the world of technology.

Extensive travel over the last decade, however, has allowed me to rediscover my passion for photography and I have been enjoying capturing images from all around the world. When not traveling, I focus primarily on nature. Birds are my favorite subjects, but I'll point my camera at just about anything that intrigues me, including bugs and reptiles. Photography allows me to still my mind and provides me with a wonderful way to combine my love for images with technology.