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First Friday in Niwot: September 4, 2020
Join us on Friday, September 4 from 6:00-9:00 for an exhibit and reception featuring the art of Paper Tales... A small group of local collage artists exploring various themes and ideas.
Artist's Statements:

Sherri Marie (Shema)
"I LOVE to paint paper! I combine it with imagery, vintage maps and ephemera for mixed media explorations that draw from my personal stories, symbologies and love of color. I made these imaginary creatures for my grandchildren using a collage technique that relies on creating the creature 'in air' from random pieces of paper, then glueing it onto a background."

Torn Paper Collage 3

All About the Knee
Meri Gibb
Meri went to her first drawing class at the Fleisher Art School in Philadelphia at the age of five and she has loved creating art ever since. She enjoys collage journaling and has most recently delved into papermaking and eco-printing using natural materials and dyes. She is a 35-year resident of Boulder County and is thankful for the generosity of artists here and the wonderful learning opportunities.

David Björkman
"During my career, I have worked as a photojournalist, war photographer, art director, Minimalist painter, fine arts instructor, collage artist, illustrator and book publisher. My photographs have appeared in magazines in over 20 countries, and my artwork has been exhibited in galleries, museums, and private collections in the U.S. and Europe. I created my first Covid Dreams collage --The Covid-19 Deflector Hat (TM) -- when our daughter, one of five medical professionals in our extended family, was coughed on by a patient, who tested coronavirus positive the next day. She had to go into quarantine, so I created a collage to 'protect' her from the virus because gentle humor can be healing. When another daughter underwent training to wear a respirator suit and helmet for her rotation monitoring Covid-19 ICU patients, it inspired me to create my second collage -- The N95 Total Body Mask (TM). My version comes with Wi-Fi, Netflix, a wet bar and loading dock for non-contact pizza delivery. Using humor, I continue to document the surreal time we -- the entire planet -- are experiencing together during this 100-year pandemic. I had thought that the giant Covid mothership hovering above would be gone by now, but I was mistaken because I'm still illustrating the pandemic."

David Björkman: Self portrait wearing my Covid-19 Deflector Hat (TM)
Marian Hoffman Ting
Marian graduated from Ivy School of Professional Art. She has shown nationally and Internationally as well as being featured in art publications and books. She is also a Signature member of The National Collage Society. Her life has been revolutionized by collage.
Suzanne Jackson
Suzanne has called Boulder home for the past fifteen years and can often be found walking and exploring trails in the local foothills. She is deeply grateful for the endless inspiration and healing that the lands and skies provide. Her images reflect a love for nature, contemplation, and silence.