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First Friday in Niwot: October 2, 2020
Join us on Friday, October 2nd from 6:00-8:00 for an exhibit and reception featuring the work of Jane Sanchez.



Jane Sanchez began painting in 1994. Simply, one day she did not paint and the next day she did. This began an ongoing pursuit of study and practice of different subjects and techniques, learning about art, producing art, and developing new approaches to art, including her own program of teaching art for adults and children.

Sanchez paints from many perspectives: oil on canvas, acrylics, murals, and faux finishes. She sees in large format, thus, her paintings range from large to very large to wall-size.

Her art career began in Atlanta, Georgia, then moved to Blowing Rock, North Carolina. She discovered the astonishing beauty of Telluride and its surrounding communities, and now lives in Niwot, Colorado

            ?Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.? Picasso

In the times in which we live, art is crucial to coming through the difficulties of life. It allows us to step away, even momentarily, from the cares that weigh us down and distort our perspective. If we allow art to take us away, it can show us a fresh view of possibilities and spark new ideas, encounter your best self, pursue that adventure you have longed for, see others in a different light.

That being said, painting gives me joy therefore I paint. So I invite you experience my paintings; let me lead you into a moment of joy.